Thursday, July 24, 2014

Big animals with small ears

Some recent Dino practice and study starting with some skeletal paintovers from Museum fossils that I visited.  

Log in - Log Out , Digital Painting over Torosaur skeleton

Painting overlaid onto photo of Torosaur at Milwaukee Public Museum

"Jane" Digital study over Tyrannosaur fossil

Jane fossil from Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh

This is a Sculpey head study of a hadrosaur

Hank the Hadrosaur - Sculpey and Acrylic

Would you like some dewlap with that?

.. and this below was based on some toy dinosaurs by Papo.

T-rex vs. Ankylosaurus ver. 1 - Cretaceous Standoff - digital painting
And a second version with a more chicken like Tyrannosaur demonstrating his primary bite weapon . 

T-rex vs. Ankylosaurus ver.2 - Cretaceous Decapitation - digital painting

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